Are the agents chatting for my company employed in-house or contracted?

In-house agents are a must when choosing a chat service. Most chat services outsource their agents overseas. When that happens, not only does the quality suffer, but requests for changes and improvements are difficult to apply and sometimes get ignored. To contrast, you will know all of our HomeServiceChats specialists by name. We will be the people answering customer questions and representing your company.
Does quality matter to you? If so, in-house is the way to go.

Do you have example chats?

Sure thing! Shoot us an email and we will be happy to send you countless example chats. Don’t believe how awesome our specialists really are? Ask us for chats that happened this week! We will pull together a custom report just for you which includes chat transcripts from the immediate past.

Who owns and manages the chat business?

HomeServiceChats was co-founded by Trevor Flannigan, the previous General Manager of one of the fastest growing plumbing and HVAC companies in the US. He wanted to use online chat to capture more new customers from his website while also delivering an outstanding online customer experience. After exploring options to outsource chat for his company, he found that all of the options were cookie-cutter solutions using outsourced chat agents. Because quality was so important to Trevor, he called up a group of leading home service companies and tested the idea of in-house chat exclusively for them. Naturally, other company’s wanted the service too!

Trevor continues to play an important day-to-day role in the operations and training of the specialists. Having an industry insider conduct training creates extraordinary value for our clients.

How scripted are the conversations?

At most chat agencies, the conversations are designed to follow a pattern and a formula. Most conversations look the same and the chat agents do a lot of copy-paste with relatively little knowledge of the company. That’s why most companies’ online chats feel like you are speaking with robots.

At HomeServiceChats, we understand that your company is unique in its brand representation. Because each company is unique and each conversation is unique, we pay special attention to our custom scripted responses. We customize each message to your customers so that we can have an organic conversation using the robust company profile we create before launching on your site. In other words, your customers will feel like they are talking with a CSR at your company, not a robot.

Who are five people I can speak to for a reference?

Please email our team and we will provide you a list of references. Need 10 or 20 references, just ask. We serve over 1,500+ markets and our client retention is 99%.