The Importance of Empathy: Why Can’t We Just Be Robotic?

Now there are a lot of people related, somewhat messy processes in your business. But I want to dial in on one piece: empathy. We should, if doing things best, be empathizing at every customer touch-point possible, which include the following:

  • First talking to them on the phone
  • Chatting with them on your website
  • Letting them know you are sending the technician soon
  • When the technician arrives
  • When the technician leaves
  • The happy check after the call
  • (Hopefully not) Even the call to collect if their payment didn’t go through

Each one of these moments it is crucial to provide a level of humanity. Usually, when your customers are needing your services it’s because something is not working properly, something is completely broken, or they have decided they deserve something better. And each time a customer is communicating with your company, it’s not a normal thing for them. Customers use home services companies between once a year to once every seven years depending on the service line.

The empathy is one of the biggest pieces of value you bring to the table. Misery loves company! Sit with the customer in this and build rapport, build a relationship. This is what creates lifelong customers. If a technician is able to empathize correctly and really be in the moment with that customer creates a lifelong memory for that customer. If the technician carries on without a care and treats the customer as if their concern “isn’t that big of a deal” you miss a tremendous opportunity.

So to recap, they are needing help and this is the only time they will use a company like yours for a while. The customer is very frantic about: the situation, the price, the person coming to their home, and possibly be unsure of your company. Digesting that these will be on your customer’s minds and empathizing with them will add an incredible amount of value. And if you are able to empathize with each touchpoint, even better!

Your company might see hundreds of customers in a week but it’s important to understand that each one of those hundreds of customers is only using one company like yours all year. They have a lot of concerns on their mind while you are helping them and it’s your responsibility to empathize with each one so you can set yourself apart and ensure your relationship continues to thrive.