The Key to Hiring & Keeping the Best Employees For Your Company – Part 2

Like we covered last week:

All it takes is one weak link to bring the team crashing to the ground.

That’s why you need nothing but the best employees.

Here’s how to hire the best and keep them.

Before the Interview

Ask for referrals from existing employees. You’re already hiring the best, right? Chances are, they spend most of their time with similar people. It never hurts to ask, and you’ll be surprised at how many employees bend over backward to bring you, great employees.

Because they’re not just helping the place they value enough to spend the majority of their waking hours at – they’re getting their friends or family a job at that place they genuinely care about. Think about it. It sounds deeply caring and selfless of them, and it really is to some degree. But they’re helping the people they care most about. It makes them feel great! By asking for referrals, you’re giving them the opportunity to help people, and feel great about themselves for an awesome reason.

This has been our experience.

Hiring is all about empathy.

Know their pain points and address them. Like you would in a sales conversation.

For example – they’re applying at the very peak of frustration. Like the lion we talked about last week, their instinct has pushed them to abandon their community.

They became so fed up with something, that they decided to reach out to you and offer their services. Chances are, they’re feeling undervalued or under-appreciated, and more than ever.

So when employers wait for weeks and even months to get back to their applicants, they put themselves lower on the priority list of employers to call back. One of the best ways to stand out from the crowd is to call them back ASAP.

They’ll feel appreciated. You’ll feel smart (because you are). Win-win.

That’s how you win over top talent and keep them from your competitors.

A Thing or Two About Your Company Culture

This is a must – have an outstanding company culture. How?

► Never let your employees dictate the culture. The culture (which is the foundation of your company), rests on your shoulders alone. What you do or don’t do dictates whether it’s good, bad or great. Don’t let a weak culture spread like the bubonic plague. Here’s how.

► Be über-intentional about who you hire and fire. If you have employees who tear your culture down, pluck them like parasites, to protect the rest of your tribe. We’ll cover that in full detail soon. And that doesn’t just apply to poor attitudes…

► Don’t keep them around if they can’t succeed. If they can’t make you money, save you money, or both, something’s got to give. Make sure it’s not your company. Yes, some positions are difficult to gauge in that sense. But at very least, attach a $$ value to the specifically non-financial pieces of work they do. It’ll help you sleep better at night knowing that your company is filled with nothing but assets.

► Treat sour employees like milk. When it goes bad – you guessed it – throw the nasty out ASAP. Assess the situation quickly. Why is your milk going bad? Is it going bad?

During the Interview

► Take a genuine interest in them during the interview and don’t treat them like commodities.

► Ask questions that help you discover who the person is, not just what they can do.

► Show that you actually care. How? By calling them back right away, like we talked about before. Another thing you can do is be willing to schedule the interview at a time that’s good for them too, instead of demanding that they conform completely to your schedule with no consideration for theirs. Also…

►Meet them offsite. Why? It’s neutral and much less intimidating. Because the last thing they want to do is try to sneak out during work hours to get to the interview, while driving their daily driver (your competitor’s ), wearing your competitor’s logo, rushing around trying to change clothes in a gas station bathroom, before and after the interview.

► Pour on the value. You’re not the best choice, you’re the only choice. Show them that. Telling them how great you are isn’t going to cut it. Who doesn’t think their company is great? Just give them the facts – a simple introduction, carefully constructed to show how your company is a catch. THE catch. Do this right and they’ll go home bragging about how great the company they just interviewed with is.

Why is that such a good thing?

Because that’s how you keep your recruiting pool deep and filled with interested, quality prospects. If you’ve located top talent and you show them you’re the ONLY choice, guess what happens? Your competitors don’t get them. And you do.

One Last Thought

If I could only leave you with one takeaway, it would be this:

The worst way to attract and keep good people is to keep bad people.

It only takes one fly in the cake batter, right?

Yes. It’s gross. But a rotten employee? Way worse.

Your team culture is a fragile ecosystem.

So hire fast, fire fast.

If you’d like to talk more about this, we nerd out over this subject more than most.

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